We care passionately about our clients’ work and to that end we use cutting-edge colour correction and photo editing software to achieve the best possible results. We cultivate long-standing relationships with our clients, always seeking to show their work in the best light while making the process easy and enjoyable for them.

Profiles and CMYK Conversion

Our extensive knowledge of colour profiles and CMYK conversion ensures peace of mind between screen and print. When reproducing artwork, colour profiles are one of the most important things to consider. Colour profiles are a bit like languages – the subtleties of certain colours can easily be lost in translation between profiles. Using our state-of-the-art software, we ensure images are at the correct profiles for your desired use, from RGB profiles for use on screen to CMYK profiles for use in print.

Whether at the artist’s residence, at the gallery or in the studio, we can set colour profiles for individual clients or for printers’ digital or lithographic presses.

Retouching/Post-Production 1
Retouching/Post-Production 2

Above: Our project to show a proposed Martin Jennings piece at BBC Broadcasting House to Westminster City Council for planning permission.