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Nick Bibby

2.2 tonnes 460cm high
Permanently sited at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.
Second Cast recently on display near Marble Arch, on Oxford Street, London.

We were commissioned by Nick Bibby to document and record the installation of the 4.6m high Bronze Kodiak Bear Sculpture ‘Indomitable’. This included time-lapse footage, photography stills and general video to promote his largest sculpture to date.

Originally commissioned by Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Nick began by sculpting a 1/5th scale Maquette of the bear in water-based clay, which was then moulded and cast by Pangolin Editions foundry in Chalford, Gloucestershire.


Kodiak Bear Install

Nick Bibby is widely regarded as one of the best sculptors of his generation, with an exceptional ability to render that which inspires him (be it real or imagined) into three dimensions. His stunning, figurative, bird and animal sculptures seem almost alive.

Cast in the near-by Pangolin Editions Foundry, Nick’s beautiful artwork goes straight from patination to photography to his privately hosted website.

Acting as an online catalogue raisonné as well as a point of contact for sales: Nick Bibby’s website and archive of works can be found here at

Nick Bibby Sladmore Contemporary Exhibition