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Photogrammetry/Volumetric Capture

Our photogrammetry/volumetric capture rig of 160-200 cameras has been custom designed to synchronise shots to within milliseconds, allowing us to capture live, real-time expressions and movement in high definition and produce a fully formed, fully textured three dimensional model. We use this technique to help create detailed, three dimensional sculptures. We have developed technology which enables us to converge hundreds of high resolution shots of a subject to create a detailed 3D model. From a small, intricate sculpture to a monumental work requiring the use of our drone camera to capture every angle, these high definition renders enable our clients to hold high quality visual examples of their works in a versatile, three dimensional format. Using our drone camera to record a landscape, we can then virtually place a digitally enlarged three-dimensional model within the scene to create a professional art proposal.

View an Example in 3D (Murray Grant’s Satao Bronze Elephant Sculpture)