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Sculpture Photography

Hasselblad multi-shot technology enables us to capture still life subjects so that every element is recorded in accurate detail and true colour resolution. Working closely with sculptors and foundries we understand the processes, intricacies and dedication involved in creating sculpture – having this understanding directly affects our approach towards photographing three-dimensional artworks. Our aim is always to reflect and do justice to the artist’s process and intention. Steve Russell Studios has built an enviable reputation in sculpture photography. In recent years we have become the photographers of choice to many of the most celebrated contemporary artists, both in the UK and internationally. Sculpture photography is notoriously difficult and highly susceptible to the vagaries of ambient light. Nevertheless, in the right hands the camera has proved admirably capable of capturing not only the sculpture’s curious bodily presence, but also something of the singular nature of the sculptor’s creative endeavour.

Sculptors are understandably cautious about how their work is represented by the camera, but Steve Russell Studios have consistently proved able to tune in to each artist’s highly personal needs and aspirations and for that reason our services are increasingly sought-after.

Steve Russell Studios’ consummate skill in sculpture photography, creating photographs which show sculpture at its best is well known through numerous publications, including the atmospheric rendition of the foundry environment in the book, Mud, Fire and Metal. Working with both artists and craftspeople we demonstrate empathy for what they do. Other publications include: Robert Clatworthy – Sculpture and Drawings; Ralph Brown – Savage Social Sensual: The Sculpture of Ralph Brown; Lynn Chadwick by Michael Bird; Lynn Chadwick Sculpture – Dennis Farr and Eva Chadwick; Lynn Chadwick – Out of the Shadows; Jonathan Kenworthy – Nomads; Marc Quinn – All of Nature Flows Through Us; Jon Buck – Making a Point: The Point of Making; Rembrandt Bugatti – Emotions in Bronze; Terence Coventry – Hands On;  and more publications including works for Tate Britain, Dexia Bank Luxembourg, Ventosilla Spain and Christies.

Our sculpture photography in Jonathan Kenworthy’s award-winning book, Jonathan Kenworthy Sculpture and Works on Paper led to Kenworthy’s comments:

“Steve Russell Studios have captured the essential beauty of the sculptures, while showing the depth and sensitivity of the modelling with compelling close-ups of the work. These photographs are superb images in their own right.” (